What is Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and/with Intermittent Fasting Program?

What is Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and with Intermittent Fasting Program - vanniedosa

You may hear a lot about Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting Programs in discussions at keto groups. For those of you who do not know about the two terms, please read this post. What is Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and/with Intermittent Fasting Program? Note : Immunator Honey is a product in my country.


Rejection is a condition in which the Human Immune System becomes sensitive to recognize abnormalities in the body, such as the presence and presence of abnormal cells. These abnormal cells can be Pathogenic (Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi and Parasites), Cancer / Tumors, Damaged / Old Cells, and infected cells.

This rejection is triggered by the “challenges” generated by Immunator Honey, when touching the Mucosa (Mucosal) layer of the body, such as the “Oral” path (tongue, gum, under the tongue (sublingual), oral cavity, esophagus, “intranasal” (in the nose ), “intraotitis” (in the ear), “intraocular” (eye), “intrarectal” (anal lane), “intravaginal” (vaginal pathways) and “subcutaneous” (open / under skin).

The “Challenge” produced when Immunator Honey touches the mucosal layer, will trigger the “Antigen Receptor” on all immune cells in the body to be “Sensitive” and will allow the immune cells to recognize the presence of other “abnormal” cells in the body . The effect of identifying the resulting result will trigger the “Immune Response” to the abnormal cells, and will initiate the “Rejection” process to remove the abnormal cells.

This “Sensitizing” effect of the immune system is not only limited to “Rejection” but also triggers “Tolerance” (Immuno-Tolerance) in conditions such as Auto-immune, Allergy and Hyper-sensitivity. In addition, this “sensitive” condition will prevent the occurrence of “over-inflammation” that may be generated by an “abnormal” immune response in the body and cause a “negative” effect on health.

This “sensitive” condition also triggers a cleansing of the body’s “Impurities”, such as “Plaque” (plaque) accumulation of “arteries”, the material of damaged or non-functional cells, antigens foreigners attached to normal cell surfaces (auto-immune triggers), free radicals (ROS), Protein / Oxidized Fats, Glycations, and other materials that disrupt the balance (Homeostasis) in the body. This is done through a process called “Phagocytosis”, a process of cleansing in the body and performed by immune cells (Phagocytes) such as “Macrophage”.

This “Sensitizing” effect also triggers “Rejuvenation” (reversing / reverse aging), where sensitification of immune cells will trigger the “Signaling” process through “cytokine” rapidly. When the immune cells cleanse the location of the identified problem, then the repair signals at the site will trigger the presence of various elements of “Cell Regeneration” which will be followed by Re-Regeneration of previously problematic cells. And this will trigger “Restoration” back to functionality of previously problematic cells or loss of function due to something, such as infection, free radical oxidation, glycation, etc.


Selection is a condition where Fat Metabolism requiring “Mitochondria” (Energy Generator in Human / Mammalian Cells) and Fasting Calorie Deficit, will trigger “Selectivity” to the existence of abnormal cells in the body. This selection will occur in cells that are too “Anabolic” (Growing / Growing Rapid) such as: What is Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and/with Intermittent Fasting Program?

1) Cancer / Tumor Cells

It is a “Malignant” cell that can only use “Glucose” (from Carbohydrate source), for its metabolism. This happens because Cancer cells are cells that have undergone “dysfunction” or “damage” to their “Mitochondria”, so Cancer cells can only use “Glucose” to be used as energy “Fuel” through the “Fermentation” path (Lactic Acid Fermentation) where the metabolic pathways with this fermentation do not require “Oxygen” as well as normal cell metabolic pathways that use “Mitochondria” as “Energy Generators” which require the process of Oxidation with Oxygen to produce energy.

The result of this process of “Fermentation of Glucose” cancer cells is Energy and Lactic / Lactate Acid (Lactic Acid), where Lactic Acid will then trigger “Blood Densification” and “Reduced PH of blood” in the body. Lactic acid will also raise blood glucose from the “Recycle” effect on Lactic Acid in Liver to convert back into Glucose (Cori Cycle process).

As a comparison, the results of normal cell metabolism using the “Mitochondria” route in processing “Glucose” (Carbohydrates), “Fatty Acids”, “Ketones”, and “Proteins” (Amino Acids), will produce Energy, and excess metabolism in the form of CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and H2O (Water) What is Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and/with Intermittent Fasting Program?

2) Glycolytic Cells

Glycolytic Cells is a cell that is very active using Glucose and becomes independent or very high dependence with Glucose for its metabolism.

Examples of such cells are the infected cells and the damaged / aging cells that have decreased functionality in the body. These cells will be “Selected” by the condition of “Caloric Deficit” and “Low Glucose presence” in the body.

Normal cells undergoing “Infection” will decrease the function of “Mitochondria” and will also use the “Fermentation” path as it does in “Cancer cells”. This “Glycolytic” property is a property of “primitive cells” such as “Pathogens” that are duplicated in normal cells that are “infected” by the pathogen. This is why when the infection lasts, the production of “Lactic Acid” will also increase in the body, and usually followed by a rise in blood glucose levels during this infection. What is Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and/with Intermittent Fasting Program?

3) Abnormal Immune Cells (Auto-immune)

The abnormal Immune Response seen in many auto-immune cases is an expression of “high Glycolytic” activity in immune cells. With low conditions of Glucose and Caloric Deficit created by Fastosis, it will shift the differentiation of these abnormal immune cells into an immune response which is anti-inflammatory, where the fatty fuels (Fatty Acid) will be the trigger for changing the type of immune cells from “auto-reactive” to “tolerance” (tolerance of normal cells in the body). What is Rejection and Selection in the Keto Diet and/with Intermittent Fasting Program?

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