Various Kinds of Coconut Oil Based on the Way of Making

Various Kinds of Coconut Oil Based on the Way of Making - vanniedosa

There are many coconut oil products on the market. We need to understand and know it because the products are processed in different ways.

Among the various vegetable oils available in the market, coconut oil (especially organic extra VCO containing MCT) occupies a special place. This is because it contains medium chain saturated fatty acids (MCFA) about 100 percent. Lauric acid, one part MCFA, is a medium chain fatty acid that can be directly converted into energy in our body cells. VCO virgin coconut oil MCT

Lauric acid can also be converted into monolaurin compounds to boost the immune system against viruses, bacteria, and protozoa. VCO MCT

Based on the way of manufacture, there are at least four types of coconut oil.

1. Industrial Coconut Oil

This oil is made with copra raw material through RBC process (refining, bleaching and deodorizing). After the copra is pressed, cleaned, and bleached, then rancid odor is removed. Coconut oil sold for cooking is often mixed with other vegetable oils, so the price is quite cheap. VCO virgin coconut oil MCT

2. Traditional Coconut Oil

This oil is made in the traditional way by the coconut farmers or housewives. Way, by cooking coconut milk until oil separated from caramel. Often this oil is yellow to brown, due to contaminated caramel burnt. VCO MCT

3. Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)

This oil is a coconut oil that does not undergo hydrogenation process. In order not to experience hydrogenation, this oil extraction is done by cold process. For example with fermentation, fishing, centrifugation, controlled heating, rapid grated drying of coconut, and others. VCO virgin coconut oil MCT


This is the result of further processing of VCO. Highly qualified by esterification process of glycerol derived from high lauric vegetable oils with medium chain fatty acids. The simplest way of distinguishing an extra organic VCO containing MCT with another VCO is by feeling it. When a regular VCO still feels as oil on the tongue, the MCT VCO feels like water.

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credit: VCO virgin coconut oil MCT

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