Is it True that Carbohydrates are not Essential Elements that the Body Needs? Why? (in Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting)

Is it True that Carbohydrates are not Essential Elements that the Body Needs Why - in Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting - vanniedosa

Carbohydrates are the Source of Glucose in the Body

Carbohydrates are the source of glucose in the body obtained from food. Glucose is a molecule / substrate that can be produced by the body when no source of glucose is consumed from food. carbs in keto diet

The body can make its own Glucose needed through the process of “Gluco-neogenesis” (the creation of new sugar) that occurs in the Liver. Glucose is obtained from the conversion of “Glycerol” which is broken down from the “Triglyceride” chain (Fat) obtained from food or body reserves. Then “Amino Acid” (Protein) can also be converted into Glucose in the body using the same process in the Liver. carbs in keto diet

Another Source that Can be Used as a Material to Form Glucose in the Body is Lactic Acid

Another source that can be used as a “substance / substrate” to form Glucose in the body is Lactic Acid. Obtained from the result of energy metabolism by red blood cells (Erythrocyte) and muscle cells that experience low-oxygen conditions (Hypoxia). Like when exercising that makes the muscles experience “Contraction” and cause oxygen to decrease in the location of muscle cells that work. Lactic acid is transformed into Glucose back through a process called “Cori Cycle” in the Liver. The resulting glucose will be circulated back into the blood through the Liver.

Acetone is “by product” in the process of forming “Ketone” in the Liver when under “Ketosis” condition. It can also be converted back into Glucose by the way reshape it into “Lactic Acid” through detoxification in the Liver and use the “Cori Cycle” process to convert back into Glucose in the blood. carbs in keto diet

All Cells in the Human Body Can Use Both Fat and Ketone as a Fuel Source

All cells in the human body can use “Fatty Acid” (Fat) and “Ketone” as a fuel source. These components produce energy in the body’s cells. But there are some types of cells that can not use other fuels than Glucose. Namely red blood cells (Erythrocyte) and 20% of human brain cells are still primitive. This is because they do not have “Mitochondria” (energy generators inside cells). The metabolism process is a glucose metabolism that uses the “Fermentation” pathway that produces “Lactic Acid” and does not require oxygen to “oxidize” Glucose as well as in other cells in the body that have “Mitochondria”. carbs in keto diet

Under Ketosis, the Body Will Produce Enough Glucose and Fit the Needs of the Cells That Need it

Under Ketosis, the body will produce enough Glucose and fit the needs of the cells that need it. Like red blood cells and 20% of brain cells. It has resulted; there will be no excess Glucose in the body as it does when it is manually obtained from food intake. Conditions of increase Glucose in the blood due to consumption of excess carbohydrates from food, will automatically raise the level of blood sugar in the body. Then it will trigger the hormone insulin reactions needed to re-press (blood sugar) into the cells in the body to maintain a safe balance of blood sugar levels in the body. High blood sugar in the body will be very dangerous for the “chemical” balance in the blood. This is because; Glucose is a molecule that is “Reductant” (can reduce electrons from other molecules) against “Protein” and “Fat” in the body. Thus, it can cause “instability” in other molecules and make other “reduced” molecules, becoming easy to experience “oxidation” of free radical reactions (ROS) molecules present in the body. This is what causes “Hardening” in molecules that previously did not have “Hard / Rigid” properties in the body. For example the Protein element is supposed to be “elastic” and the Fat element is supposed to be “soft and slippery”. carbs in keto diet

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