What is Glycation? Why I Never Heard Before? (Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting)

What is Glycation Why I Never Heard Before Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting - vanniedosa

Glycation is the attachment that occurs between Protein or Fats against Glucose molecules resulting in the functionality of a “biomolecule” to be disturbed.

Can be Called as “caramelize” Sugar to Cells in the Body

This glycation can be called as “caramelize” sugar to cells in the body as well as on:

  1. The layer of “collagen” in the walls of blood vessels that cause hardening,
  2. and various other cells throughout the body,
  3. The surface of the immune cells that causes the “receptor” is disrupted and make the immune cells become misdirected or do not recognize the antigen of the opponent,
  4. Damage to the “Beta-cell” in the Pancreas as a cell that produces insulin,
  5. Hardening “Crystallin” on the eyepiece,
  6. Surface cells in the retina of the eye,
  7. The “Myelin” layer on the diaphragm and the whole body that causes “de-myelination”,
  8. The surface of LDL molecules that can cause it to “oxidize” and easily attach to the arteries of blood vessels.

What is the Glycation Effect for My Body?

Glycation is the effect of “Hyperglycaemia” that occurs every time humans consume large amounts of carbohydrates. All Carbohydrate sources will be broken down first into “Monosaccharide” such as “Glucose”, “Galactose” and “Fructose” in the small intestine, before being distributed throughout the body.

High concentrations of these Glucose, Galactose and Fructose molecules in the blood, will cause the process of “Glycation” to occur throughout the body, which will be attached to the “Nitrogen” (N-Terminal) molecule chain in the Protein molecule in the body’s cells. In the long run, this “Glycation” effect is the root cause of the “Pathological” of various illnesses. For example cardiovascular disease, cancer, neuro-degenerative, auto-immune, imbalance hormones, and diabetes.

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