Can I / You Exercise While / During / In Fasting / Fasted (Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet) State (or in Ramadan) Throughout The Day Periods, To Get Into / Induced Ketosis for Weight Loss / to Loss Weight?

Can I You Exercise While During In Fasting Fasted Intermittent Fasting and Keto Diet State or in Ramadan Throughout The Day Periods, To Get Into Induced Ketosis for Weight Loss to Loss Weight - vanniedosa

Exercise is a Human Effort to Create “Hormesis”

Exercise is a human effort to create “Hormesis”. This hormone is one of the processes that trigger “stress” in the body but aims to increase the “Capacity” of the body in forming “Resistance” to the body’s cell-cell stress. Thus exercise will create better “Homeostasis” (Balance). The cells in the body will become “immune” to various “stress” situations that can cause damage. For example “Oxidative Stress” due to free radicals in the body. Exercise While During In Fasting

Exercise will also create “sensitivity” to “Insulin” in the body. The cells in the body will easily absorb and use glucose circulating in the blood quickly. Also avoid the “Hyperglycaemia” that can occur due to the consumption of Carbohydrates in large quantities. This insulin sensitivity is the opposite of “Insulin Resistance” which is the pathological disease that causes the condition of blood sugar to easily increase. And if insulin resistant has occurred, then “Glycation” will be the future problem. It can trigger a domino effect that leads to various chronic diseases in the future. Exercise While During In Fasting

This Fastosis Program Strongly Recommends to Apply the Sport Routinely in Fasting Hour (Fasting Window)

This Fastosis program strongly recommends to apply the sport routinely in fasting hour (Fasting Window). Where by exercising at the time of fasting will create a “Demand” high on energy. It will also trigger the body to release reserves of Fats as fuel at the time of fasting. In addition, the “demand” created this will trigger the production of “Ketone” higher in the blood. So that will make the fasting hours become easy to pass without feeling hungry or weak. Exercise under conditions of “Ketosis” is very different from conventional Glucose metabolism conditions. In Glucose metabolism, exercise will speed up the emptying of “Glycogen” and trigger the symptoms of “Hypoglycaemic”.

Under the condition of “Ketosis”, the sport actually triggers the production of “Ketone” which will increase the energy level in the fasting hour. Exercise While During In Fasting

Sports during this hour of fasting will also trigger a faster “Glycation” cleansing in the body, making it easier to obtain and maintain optimal blood sugar levels within the Fastosis program, targeted to achieve and survive below 80 mg / dL. This can speed up the induction phase process up to the maintenance phase.

Please visit this link to know about Glycation. Exercise While During In Fasting
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