What is the Difference of Fastosis Program (Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting) with Other Diet Programs?

What is the Difference of Fastosis Program (Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting) with Other Diet Programs?

Fastosis Program Is Not Just About Diet

Fastosis program is not just about diet. This program restores the real way of human life where food is not a hindrance to human activity on earth. By shaping the metabolism of Fat resulting from the condition of mastery of fasting using a past human diet (Hunter & Gatherer), Fastosis will restore a high “Survival” capability in modern humans who have become weak and dependent on the availability of foodstuffs moment.

Humans today are very vulnerable human beings with various diseases, especially diseases caused by “Energy Surplus” at any time. This happens because of the effect of a diet high in carbohydrates, causing humans can no longer access their energy reserves in the body stored in the form of this fat easily. Because of the modern lifestyle of modern humans, it will be easy to experience symptoms when loss of food sources, even if only 1 x 24 hours. This happens because humans are currently very active using their “Insulin Hormone”, which is a hormone that will always appear to consume foods with a higher Carbohydrate ratio in each food. Difference of Fastosis with Other Diet Programs

Hormone Insulin Is Anabolic Hormones

This insulin hormone is an “Anabolic” hormone, which is a hormone that triggers “Fat Formation” and will stop “Fat Burning”. When this hormone becomes always dominant in the body, it loses the natural ability of humans to be able to easily access its reserve Fat when no food is available. The “Hypoglycemic” phenomenon always gives rise to “Instinct” for re-searching for food, and the current world conditions where food sources are there and abundant everywhere, makes humans easily regain their food, to relieve the symptoms of “Hypoglycemic.

This is the main factor that causes humans today to be very weak against the condition of food shortage, and instead will create conditions where the human body will always experience “Energy Surplus” at any time. The Fastosis program, therefore, will reverse human survival under conditions of “Energy Deficit or Calorie” at any time, which will lead to the formation of “resistance” to various diseases that can arise from the body, as well as from the threat of infection outside body. The condition of calorie deficits that trigger the effectiveness of Fat metabolism, will form a natural selectivity in the human body, where only normal and healthy cells will be preserved. Automatic conditions like this will form a body that is immune to various “stress” that can occur due to food shortages, infectious attacks, cell mutations (malignancy / Cancer) in the body, and prevent the emergence of various kinds of metabolic diseases that occur in the present. Difference of Fastosis with Other Diet Programs

Caloric Condition Deficit Supported by Fat Metabolism, Will Be Very Easy to Live Compared To The Conventional Metabolism Of Humans Who Rely On The Source Of Glucose From Carbohydrates

The condition of caloric deficit supported by Fat metabolism, will be very easy to live compared to the conventional human metabolism that relies on the source of glucose from carbohydrates. Where calorie deficits will not cause negative effects like those that occur in conventional metabolic conditions that are “Hypoglycemic” when too much loss of Glucose in the blood that is “little” to be stored in the body in the form of “Glycogen”. Metabolism Fat will make humans back easy to experience calorie deficits without causing any “symptoms”, which ultimately condition this calorie deficit that will trigger high “selectivity” in the body. Difference of Fastosis with Other Diet Programs

credit : ketofastosis.com pdf file Difference of Fastosis with Other Diet Programs
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