[Step 3] Three Steps i-KetoFast – Immunator Honey & Counseling

Note : Immunator Honey is a product in my country.

Honey Immunator

Honey Immunator is a supplement used in the i-KetoFast program. Aim to increase metabolism and make the immune system actively keep the body from any external or internal threats. Immunator Honey is very supportive in this program, because it will prevent the metabolic reduction of the effects of caloric restriction that occurs naturally.

Immunator Honey will also prevent the process of catabolism in muscle mass and will increase the anabolic ability of normal and healthy cells in the body to perform various improvements and regeneration (Reverse Aging).

In combination with Immunator Honey and Ketogenic Diet, the body will perform systemic selection of all cells in the body optimally

In combination with Immunator Honey and Ketogenic Diet, the body will perform systemic selection of all cells in the body optimally. All cells that have defects in mithocondria such as cancer cells and infected cells, will be easily excluded by immuno-editing (selection via antigen on the surface of cancer cells / infected) and starvation (selection through Fat metabolism).



In the i-KetoFast program, the consumption of Immunator Honey can be done during IF fasting hour and at meal time, and it is advisable to consume at least 2x – 3x daily with 1/2 teaspoon volume. The dosage and frequency of Immunator Honey supplementation can be increased again for medicinal purposes or if it is in the process of healing. For example 4x – 6x a day with volume 1/2 teaspoon. It is recommended to combine Immunator Honey with VCO (Virgin Coconut Oil) while consuming it.

Example for fasting IF 16 hours (at 8 pm to 12 noon the next day). So with a dose of 3x a day, Immunator Honey consumed at 7 am, 12 noon and 7 pm


Consultation is a guidance and motivation program for i-KetoFast program, where i-KetoFast program applicants can consult about food menu selection and constraints faced in running this program. Within a minimum of 1 week to 1 month from the start of this program, the planned menu list can be consulted with your diet supervisor for revision in advance, so it does not get off the Ketogenic Diet path.

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