[Phase 3] i-KetoFast Program Phase – Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase (During Program Ongoing or a Healthy Lifestyle)

Maintenance Phase is a Phase where vegetable elements such as fruit (List of Ketogenic Fruits) are included in the food menu. In this phase, vegetables and fruits should pay attention to the type and quantity of daily meals in accordance with the List of Vegetables and Ketogenic Fruits. Maintenance phase is the phase where the body is accustomed to using fat as the main fuel of metabolism (fasting sugar <80 mg / dL), and the addition of daily carbohydrate intake from fruit (List Ketogenic Fruit) can be done while maintaining total carbohydrate below 20g per day . (weight of fruit under 100g and eaten with a source of fat such as whip cream / coconut milk). Fruits that can be consumed are high fiber and low carbohydrates such as avocado, olives, blackberries, cranberries, raspberries, mulberries, blueberries, strawberries, starfruit and so on. High avocado and olive fruits Fat can be consumed in large quantities and can be included in all phases of the i-KetoFast program.

In Maintenance Phase, IF fasting duration can be added to 20 hours to 23 hours. In this phase the body is accustomed and has adapted to use Fat as a source of energy, and the hormone insulin is not easily triggered by carbohydrates in low amounts (under 20 grams per day). In this phase of the body is very optimal in the use of energy Fat, and health level will increase dramatically. Fat erosion of the reserve will be very optimal when combined with sports. The energy level and endurance capacity will increase further in this phase, and the hormones in the body will work perfectly, such as the hormone Leptin (the hormone satiety) and the hormone Ghrelin (hunger hormone).

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