All About the Meaning of a Typography

To know the meaning of a typography, one must first look at its connotation. It is considered that a simple writing can evoke a completely different meaning according to the way it is presented. The connotation appeals to cultural references, an emotion, a common history. For example, it is easy to bring an Asian connotation […]

The Major Types of Typography (Font) and Their Uses

Typography, its ruthless world … Difficult indeed to navigate between the different existing families. Each one has special characters and the police do nothing to help you make your choice. We will try to draw a robot portrait of the main types of typography, which will help you to take the drama en route … […]

5 Tips for Using a Handwritten Typography

Handwritten typography is probably one of the most difficult to use. Because they present as many different characteristics as the writing of “doctor” to that of a teenager who puts hearts on his “i”. To find the font you need for your project, follow our tips below. Emphasize Readability The most important point for a […]