Email and Typography: 5 Rules to Respect

Email and typography: 5 rules to respect Have you ever thought about the typography you use for your emails? This small detail, which you often delegate without thinking about your email software, could however significantly modify the impact of your messages … Prefer the Standards It is in the old pots that we make the […]

15 Golden Rules to Master Typography

In the construction of a visual, the text is often inseparable from the image, even if it is present in small quantities. For reasons of balance, as much as power of the image, you must spend as much time typography these words as crop and other filter effects selected. That’s why we present you today […]

Prototypo, Create Your Own Bespoke Typography in Just a Few Clicks

Prototypo is an online application that allows everyone to create from two basic models (sans serif + one with) a typography that will be adapted to the final needs in its final context. We have proposed to Prototypo to present their service on the blog free of charge because we love this concept and we […]