15 Free and Professional Typographies to Use on Your Site

When choosing a font for your website, you must pay attention to its readability. You must also ensure that it appears correctly on all browsers and devices used by users. It is therefore not enough to follow stupidly web design trends. The choice of a professional typography is not trivial. If you do not know […]

Web Design: 3 Questions About Variable Typography

Variable typography is considered the future of typography for Web development. But why, and how to put it in place, is what we will develop in this article. What is Variable Typography for? When we code a website, for each variant of a chosen typography (italic, bold, plus or minus size), we need to generate […]

Typography: 8 Sites Where to Find Free Fonts

In any graphic design, typography is an important element. Whether for a logo, a website or a CV, we do not choose a random font. And we avoid using Comic Sans MS or Arial. So to find new free typography and one that will make the difference compared to your competitors, go to one of […]