Create Your Own Font for Your Site in 6 Easy Steps

Many sites, such as Google Fonts, offer hundreds of fonts. There is so much choice and it’s a euphemism! Nevertheless, there are many reasons for not wanting to use a font that another has designed. Discover how to make your own font. Why Ceate Your Own Font? It should be known that the creation of […]

How to Create a Writting Font from Your Real Scripture?

Today, I’m going to talk about a website that allows you to create a font very easily from your own handwriting. You can then use it to create a handwritten logo or insert a handwriting on visuals for example. The Template to Create a Font Creating a custom font starts with downloading a template. Go […]

5 Keys to Create a Balanced Font

Today, there are an impressive number of downloadable fonts, of all styles and for all uses, free or paid, and under several possible licenses. How to navigate to make the right choice? How to acquire the right reflexes when creating your own font? Here are 5 key points to see more clearly and understand the […]