Which Writing Fonts Are The Most Saving Ink?

Any printer owner is concerned with this question: how to save ink at the time of printing?

If there are techniques such as limiting photo printing, drafting rather than high quality, etc., do you know that ink-saving fonts?

Save Ink with the Choice of Writing Font

According to Consoglobe, ink is one of the most expensive liquids in the world *: the price of ink cartridges can therefore be quite high and the budget ink cartridges goes up if you print in large quantities.

Simple solutions, within reach of all, yet allow to limit your ink consumption:

  • decrease the font size;
  • choose a font less greedy ink, the thickness of some may consume more valuable liquid.

For this 2nd point, tests were conducted to compare the different fonts used in general on documents.

The Most Economical Writing Fonts

Whether for a laser or inkjet printer, the most economical fonts in ink are:

  • Garamond, a typeface written since 2014, when a 14-year-old American teenager advised the US state to use this font to save ink and preserve the environment;
  • Ryman Eco, a font designed to save 33% of ink on printing according to its creators, because it is composed of fine lines instead of a thick line;
  • Ecofont, a “green” font with holes created especially to save ink.

Ryman Eco and Ecofont fonts are not well known because they are not installed by default on word processors. They are nevertheless downloadable for free on the internet.

Among the fonts installed natively on your computer, Calibri, Century Gothic, or Times New Roman are the most economical;

Conversely, the most greedy are, according to 01.net **, the Trebuchet, Tahoma and Franklin Gothic Medium.

By way of comparison, the JPG Knowledge Center tested on “Consumption of 250 pages per week printed with an HP 124A toner” these different fonts and the annual expenses they represent for a company:

Century Gothic: USD 448.65
Ecofont: USD 451.55
Times New Roman: USD 460.41
Calibri: USD 495.39
Arial: USD 591.05
Trebuchet: USD 608.79
Tahoma: USD 619.51
Franklin gothic medium: USD 655.19

So, in business or at home, take the right action now, change your font to save money for your wallet, as for the planet! 😉

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