Which Font to Choose for Stencil? What Font Stencil?

At a time when personalized stencils are blooming in our interiors and on the shop fronts of professionals, the choice of the font is essential. Indeed, you will have to choose from around a hundred “fonts” (writing fonts) whose characteristics are specific to the creation of stencil. This article will allow you to know more about the choice of the font but also on the history of the stencil. I also invite you to browse the online store to order your custom stencils from photos.

What is a Stencil Font?

The stencil is a singular technique for reproducing lettering or patterns on a variety of different and varied media. The best known and unique is the mural stencil. If you are looking for where to buy a wall stencil? read this article until finish.

The stencil is the most effective method of pattern reproduction:

  • it is inexpensive,
  • it is fast to perform,
  • it can be declined many times,
  • with different colors,
  • on very many supports,
  • it allows passing an effective visual message because of its graphics efficiency.

Used for centuries, it was first used unknowingly by cavemen who projected color pigments with their mouths on their hands to outline their hands on the walls of caves. Their hand was then used as a stencil.

Subsequently, it will be used and developed as a means of printing for American funds during the First World War. This allowed dozens of words to be printed on the crates with an easy, effective method that required only a stencil of words or phrases.

Graffiti and its evolution have largely contributed to the democratization of the stencil. Initially, it is used as a tool to paint very quickly: we put the stencil on the wall, spray with aerosol paint and remove the stencil. The pattern, the drawing or the message can be worked properly upstream. It will be further democratized later by being used by advertisers.

Today the stencil uses are multiple and can be found in the interior / exterior decoration, advertising, industry, art and especially street art, and finally in the signage. To form clean and well-written letters, the stencil is an ideal method. Street marketing, very popular since 2015, also uses stencils on the ground to promote events or new places. Originally made with a zinc and brass alloy, it is now possible to buy Bristol or acetate stencils.

Finally, the stencil is a tool of undeniable dispute and can convey a political message or to denounce a system or institution. The vandal stencil was widely used in popular revolts such as World Wars or May 68 and its famous slogans.

The stencil is economical because unlike posters, once affixed you can not tear the message painted. Similarly, it is much more effective visually because of its simplicity of the lines.

In summary, the stencil is a major expression tool that can show a clear message to the greatest number. Nevertheless, it requires a technique for:

  • Design the image, the pattern, the message, destined for the stencil
  • Cut out the stencil and know the technical specifics
  • Put on the support (wall, floor, etc.) with the greatest efficiency

What Stencil Writing Font? The Golden Rule

The stencil must be in one piece to facilitate the application. It must be fast and unique. One coat of paint is enough for the application on your support. There is a universal golden rule for stencil creation. This rule defines the concept of “bridge” otherwise called “gutters”. These gutters make it possible to make the connection between two solid zones of the stencil to avoid that zones of cuts are found disconnected from the stencil. here is an explanation in the video. On this one, we can see that if we cut out the interior of the letter O, it will remain only the contours of the letter once the zone cut off. The inside of the letter O is “disconnected” from the rest of the stencil. It’s a shame and that’s why we created bridges or gutters, to have a stencil in one piece.

Stencil Writing Font: The Links

Initially created for the use of industrial stencils, the “STENCIL” writing fonts (stencil in English) are today very numerous. The styles are varied and are very effective to attract the attention of passersby. The creators of these fonts are ingenious and use brilliantly the natural geometry of the letters of the alphabet. From the old appearance to industrial or advertising visuals, our eyes are directly attracted by these singular fonts.

Here is a list of direct links to find stencil writing fonts:

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