How to Find a Font Easily?

Imagine walking down the street and find a poster with a writing font that catches your eye. That’s exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s a style that would be perfect for any of your personal or commercial projects.

The problem ? You have no idea what the font name is or how to identify it.

Fortunately, there are a number of resources to help you find an unknown font regardless of its location: a sign in the street, a storefront, a book or even a label.

These sites and applications like Adobe TypeKit or Fontface Ninja find a font from an image and sort through thousands of fonts to drive you to the desired font.

So you have several possibilities, either find the font immediately using a mobile application, or take a picture and discover it when you return home.

We will also see how to find a font found on the web with a very useful plugin.

It would be difficult and almost impossible to find an unknown font manually, so save yourself that and take a look at our selection of the best tools to help recognize a font and to help find fonts of characters.

Here are 4 very useful tools to find a font:

  • Find a font with Adobe Typekit
  • Find a typeface with WhatTheFont
  • Font Matcherator: find a font from your computer
  • Fontface Ninja: find any internet writing font

Find a font with Adobe Typekit

Adobe TypeKit has adopted a new visual search tool, released in Adobe Max Creative Cloud 2018, where, just like looking for images based on another image in Adobe Stock, you can search for similar fonts. using an image you have taken of a font that you like. To do this, the search tool uses Adobe’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Sensei.

To use TypeKit for free on a web browser, you can upload a file (.jpg, .png, .gif format) to the site, where it will scan its font library for a similar font.

Users can also perform a manual search based on typography collections, font families, or by style.

TypeKit maintains a simple licensing policy so that users can easily find and use the wealth of fonts that can be found on the net.

Another option is to download the free Adobe Capture application where you can take a picture of a desired text and Adobe Sensei technology will recognize the character shapes to find the nearest font.

Fonts can then be synchronized through the Creative Cloud and used with Illustrator CC, InDesign CC, and Photoshop CC.

Find a typeface with WhatTheFont

WhatTheFont by Monotype’s MyFont is a brand new AI visual search application for computers and smartphones.

Just like Adobe Capture, you can take a photo of a font you like and submit it to the database. WhatTheFont then scans the image and finds the font closest to the subject font.

Download images directly from the WhatTheFont site in PNG, GIF or JPEG. For best results, try matching the text height to 100 pixels, using characters with a distinct shape, making sure there is space between the letters and the horizontal text.

WhatTheFont now offers a free trial and live preview of webfonts, a selection of specialized offers and preservation packs for purchase.

Font Matcherator: find a font from your computer

Upload an image or image URL to the Fontspring Font Matcherator visual search engine and find the corresponding font.

You can browse Fontspring’s extensive font database, with categories such as bestsellers, news, sales, user favorites and more.

What if you want to find a font that you like online? You do not need to take a picture. The following tool will do the job for you.

FontFace Ninja: find any internet writing font

This tool is called FontFace Ninja, and it will tell you exactly which font is used on any website you are in at any time by clicking a button.

And yes, I guarantee you that you are about to lose all your afternoon playing with this tool.

How to use it ?

You only have to download the extension provided for this purpose (link for Google Chrome)

All you have to do is click on the extension button in your browser and it will tell you all the fonts on the page.

For more details, you just have to switch to the desired font and you get information such as the font, size, height, price and where to download. Very useful for designers!

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