This Tortured Font Will Help Memorize What You Read

Australian researchers have developed a tortured and complex reading font that would facilitate the memorization of information in the brain of readers. A team of Australian researchers has conducted an unusual scientific step. They developed a writing font that would help people remember more easily what they read. Named Sans Forgetica, this writing font would, […]

15 Sites to Find Free Fonts

All creatives know that choosing the wrong font in a project can completely change the result you want to achieve. Doing a font search indeed takes time … This is why we often find the use of font like Helvetica in a multitude of communication documents. Choosing a good font is not so simple! Today […]

Create a Font Quickly and Easily

Ever dreamed of seeing your own writing appear on the screen when typing? If so, you are in the right place to discover how to do it There are two types of font that you might want to create yourself: a rather normal and readable font for text and paragraphs, or an extravagant or atypical […]

How to Find a Font Easily?

Imagine walking down the street and find a poster with a writing font that catches your eye. That’s exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s a style that would be perfect for any of your personal or commercial projects. The problem ? You have no idea what the font name is or how to identify […]

Create Your Own Font for Your Site in 6 Easy Steps

Many sites, such as Google Fonts, offer hundreds of fonts. There is so much choice and it’s a euphemism! Nevertheless, there are many reasons for not wanting to use a font that another has designed. Discover how to make your own font. Why Ceate Your Own Font? It should be known that the creation of […]

How to Create a Writting Font from Your Real Scripture?

Today, I’m going to talk about a website that allows you to create a font very easily from your own handwriting. You can then use it to create a handwritten logo or insert a handwriting on visuals for example. The Template to Create a Font Creating a custom font starts with downloading a template. Go […]

5 Keys to Create a Balanced Font

Today, there are an impressive number of downloadable fonts, of all styles and for all uses, free or paid, and under several possible licenses. How to navigate to make the right choice? How to acquire the right reflexes when creating your own font? Here are 5 key points to see more clearly and understand the […]

15 Free and Professional Typographies to Use on Your Site

When choosing a font for your website, you must pay attention to its readability. You must also ensure that it appears correctly on all browsers and devices used by users. It is therefore not enough to follow stupidly web design trends. The choice of a professional typography is not trivial. If you do not know […]

Web Design: 3 Questions About Variable Typography

Variable typography is considered the future of typography for Web development. But why, and how to put it in place, is what we will develop in this article. What is Variable Typography for? When we code a website, for each variant of a chosen typography (italic, bold, plus or minus size), we need to generate […]

Typography: 8 Sites Where to Find Free Fonts

In any graphic design, typography is an important element. Whether for a logo, a website or a CV, we do not choose a random font. And we avoid using Comic Sans MS or Arial. So to find new free typography and one that will make the difference compared to your competitors, go to one of […]