The 7 Typographic Trends of 2019

Take a nice notebook, go for writing lines. Not the ones you did at school when you were learning to draw the letters … though! Each year, some fonts are needed a little more than others, some trends are at the top of the bill. Now that 2019 is already well underway, it is high […]

How to Choose Fonts for Your e-Commerce Site

Tips for Better Online Marketing: Choosing the Font and Its Impact on Visual Communication for Your e-Commerce Site You may be wondering what type of fonts you should remember for your e-commerce site. Here is an opportunity to review the main criteria to be considered in making this selection. and an overview of the most […]

Typography: 15 Best Handwriting Fonts for Free Download

Handwritten fonts, also called “script” or “cursive”, are very trendy right now. They recall the hand-made, the vintage and bring charm to the graphic creations. Are you looking for the best typography to imitate handwriting? You will certainly find it in our selection of 15 free handwriting fonts. If this small selection is not enough, […]

Web Design: 5 Tips to Choose the Best Typography for Your Site

The design of a site, its ergonomics, its visuals, are all aspects to take into account. But there is another that can not be left to chance: typography. You know it well. The content is king. And to succeed in a content strategy depends as much on the quality of the texts and information provided […]

7 Best Free Typographies to Use on a CV

When looking for a job, the curriculum vitae (CV) is an essential element that a candidate should not neglect under any circumstances. In order to optimize his chances of being recruited, he must take care of all the details and in particular the typography used. This must be easy to read because a hard-to-read CV […]

How to Make a Font in Adobe Photoshop

Creating a font in Adobe Photoshop is a simple and effective way to add a personal touch to your graphic projects. Both hands are drawn and digitally generated fonts can be created and converted into a usable font file that can then be used in several programs, including word processing and graphics software. Things you […]